Vision Boards

Vision Boards sessions to create individual Maps to Thriving

Why Vision Boards?

Pictures are a powerful vehicle for self motivation. Notice all the billboards and the visual advertising around us, on the TV and social media. Years of research has gone into how to manipulate human mind with visuals.

Creating own Vision Board is a way of taking charge and choosing what you want to envisage, where you want to head towards, what you want to achieve, attract and focus on in your life. In the process, we let go of the intrusion of outer influences which tell us what we should be and do. This is a highly personal journey.

Whatever your professional rank and income, if your heart is not in it, it simply won’t sustain you or work on the deeper levels. How can it? You are less likely to feel fulfilled and happy with your life if you are not aligned with your true desires and wishes.

My vision board services include : Map of Thriving, Map of Intention & Direction, Illustration of Life Goals, Business Plan with Visuals,  Desire Map, Prayer in Picture,  etc. You can call it and make it whatever you wish, as long as it represents the most important things for the next exciting phase of your life journey.

I facilitate your filtering process so that you will have created a complete Vision Board to take home with you.

Sometimes the nuggets of gold are the discoveries of the deeper truths, of what really makes you tick and once you have found these, it is much easier to steer towards your dreams.

From start to finish, individual session takes a couple of hours. All materials provided. You will be asked to bring a photo of yourself to include in the Vision Board.

Why me?

Initially, spontaneous Vision Boarding helped me navigate through life storms.  Since then I have developed a powerful and heartfelt facilitation of people’s vision board journeys.

Through trial and error, I found out about the power of intention, choice and focus. What we focus on consumes our attention, so it seems to grow in gravitas and through attraction.

Vision Boards are one of the most powerful and fun tools I know of implementing change and tuning our filter of perception.