NLP Coaching

Transformational Coaching with NLP

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It was created in the 1970s as a collaboration between psychologist Richard Bandler and psychologist and linguist John Grinder, who modelled successful therapists in their fields.  They created their techniques specifically from studying the specific methods and techniques used by Virginia Satir, a renowned psychotherapist at the time. Her greatest skill was her ability to truly listen to her patients. Other strong influences on NLP come from the Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt therapy, and eminent figure in American psychiatry and hypnosis, Milton Erickson. NLP is ever-evolving and although it offers specific techniques, no two sessions will be the same.

The techniques and the results of applying them with NLP are fast and often immediate. The gentle interventions, are based on asking specific questions, modelling certain techniques and working with the unconscious mind, often having fun with a new tool kit in order to achieve greater mental plasticity.  All of this is done, of course, with the client’s permission and the client is always left feeling in charge of their process throughout the guidance. It is amazing how NLP works effectively and swiftly even with issues that could be labelled as ‘heavy’.

Let me give you a few imaginary examples so that you may you choose which one resonates with you:

  • NLP is a bit like using language as mental tweezers to remove the thorn that gets in the way of you being the best version of yourself, of walking your walk and talking your talk. .
  • NLP can be a bit like rewiring a house (hence Neurology in the name – nerves in the body work like wiring, conducting sensations and information back and forth to the brain). We are merely testing the cables, fuses and switches, to see what makes the system trip. We can also fit a new switch which can make all the difference and give that lightbulb moment of choice to the client. And you might find that you don’t need to blow your fuse, like you used to.
  • If you have heard of a TENS machine, widely used in the NHS to help with pain control during childbirth and for chronic pain conditions, you might already be familiar with the concept of using one kind of stimulus to override the existing sensation in the body.
  • NLP is also a bit like weeding an overgrown garden. We take a thorough overview of the landscape of your personal garden, your mental landscape, focusing on what is currently there in the now (so no need to know a history of each plant and  what used to grow there before). I help you clear the weeds so that it is fits with the intention you have for your garden. I help you weed the space, clear out and plant some new plants. In doing so, the goal is to set up a new sustainable ecosystem in the present and for the future.

Why Transformational Coaching? What will you get out of it?

I believe in the human capacity for transformation. Do you?

I have seen transformation in others and I have lived it myself. Fundamental shifts that bring changes in your outlook, your direction of life, creating a new, lasting flow. That’s why I do what I do and love it!

I believe resolutely in the human capacity for transformation. I have experienced this in my own life and with clients.  I have lived it and been witness to profound shifts over many years.

Transformational coaching is both a form of Confidence Coaching and Stress Coaching. Ultimately, if something is not working, I believe a change in approach is required. I work with the underlying strategy and process you use in approaching your life. These models of doing or thinking can be changed to create a lasting shift. The results of this work can include:

  • Being able to live well, free of phobias, anxiety and other crippling reactions to people, things and situations
  • Being able to do something in the future that you can’t do right now. For example, enjoy public speaking, go for a job interview or manage social situations that used to baffle you.
  • Being able to think clearly when before you could not. This can be useful for panic attacks and managing generalised anxiety disorders.
  • Being able to communicate from the place of choice and alignment with your core values and beliefs. This is useful in both the workplace and personal relationships.
  • Having the confidence to ask for what you want and need, be it financial, emotional or physical gains.
  • Being able to choose and manage your thoughts, moods and behaviours
  • Being able to shed unwanted weight and break habits you don’t want anymore, like stopping smoking
  • Being able to break free of negative thought patterns and spirals of depressive thinking.
  • Being able to experience more freedom of thought and action on a daily basis.

I believe that transformation happens when a powerful combination of being entirely ready and finding the right guide for the journey occurs.  Often, when we are ready, the way opens up and the ‘right’ people or ‘therapy’ gets our attention.  There is no one single correct therapy, or one right person to work with, in my opinion. Things are fit for purpose as and when we need them. Skiing boots won’t be any good for a diving holiday. A woolly coat might be superb for a season in life, but become too tight, or worn out long term.  I always encourage the client to be fully ready for change.

Change is good. It's how we react to it that can be hard. This is why, I believe, we require a guide.

Even at a cellular level, we change all the time, our body cells dying and being replaced with new ones. It is the natural order of things! The challenge is how to stomach life’s up and downs without indigestion, so that we can feel good butterflies in the stomach at the thought of a challenge, rather than feel gutted, overwhelmed and dispirited. It is possible to embrace change with an excited and open spirit and I am committed to helping my clients make this profound shift in attitude.

If and when you are ready you will have a sense of making the right choice. You will want a deep shift in your life and will therefore be on the path of finding all you need to make it happen. I know all the resources you need to change are available to you, even if you don’t know it yet yourself!