Uplift Body Mind

All the work I offer is inspired by my own path of personal transformation over a period of more than 30 years. Recognising the profound benefits of various healing practices, I developed a portfolio of skills in which I trained to become a practitioner. I work holistically with every client whether I offer a touch therapy or a talking therapy. The name of my company, Uplift Body Mind, reflects my core values as a practitioner: to uplift the Body via the Mind and the Mind via Body. My work is person-centered. I trust that the client has all the resources within them and my role is to guide each individual through a particular healing process.

In my spare time I love playing music, wild swimming - especially in winter, cycling, dancing, being in nature, spending time with interesting company, arts and theatre, listening to my cats purring, inspirational TED-talks and events, seeing new places, learning new skills, sitting round the fire, DIY and more.

I practise yoga and meditation daily to refresh the connection to my own transformational journey. My aspiration is to simplify and streamline my life, to free me up to experience time as an even more abundant resource, moment to moment, breath to breath.